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Our Customer Stories

Testimonial - Bosch

We have started integrating Embold in our pilot projects. Impressive data analysis and easily configurable. The overall ratings shown at different aspects of code within one tool is really the need of the hour, which is now resolved with this collaboration.

Priyanka Pappala

Project Manager (RADAR based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) at Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions

Testimonial - Skyroot

Skyroot Aerospace is an Indian, national award-winning startup building one of the world’s most cost effective Space Launch Vehicles. As someone developing mission critical technology, the quality of the software we develop is of paramount importance to us. To ensure the stability and performance of our mission-critical applications, we have integrated Embold tool in our software development process.

Naga Bharath Daka

Co-founder, COO, Head-Avionics and GNC

Testimonial - Bosch

The best part about working with Embold is the agility and proactiveness they bring to the table.

Padmaja AR

Senior Vice President, Business Division Cross Domain Computing

I really enjoy working with Embold because of how easy it is to get set up. I also love that Embold provides advanced metrics like code complexity for my JavaScript code since I cannot find that feature in any other tools.


Testimonial - Ricoh

No other tool was able to visualise structural problems. Embold's visualisation of software quality from a structural standpoint displayed over a time period, strengthens our ability to propose software improvements and better the quality of Ricoh products.

Takashi Mori

Senior Manager, IT Verification Department, Embedded Solutions Division, Ricoh IT Solutions

Embold helps you quickly find bugs in your code and even helps to refactor code to be more permanent. And it has TypeScript support!

Jesse Hall

CodeStackr / JavaScript, TypeScript

We got everything you need


Code review and quality monitoring

Code review and quality monitoring


Integrated and automated workflows for pull-request and commit scans.

See what changed and how it affects code quality. Save time with every review.

Pull request and repository level quality gates will prevent bad code from getting introduced in the repository.

Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) bring transparency to your software engineering process. They help you assess the business and engineering impact of various issues within your code. KPIs are macro indicators for probable corrective actions before it is too late.

Refactoring support

Refactoring support


The partitioning assistant gives suggestions on how to break down large classes to improve maintainability.

Anti-pattern visualization helps the developer understand the issue in its context.

Manage technical debt effectively

Manage technical debt effectively


99% of total technical debt comes from design anti-patterns! Embold detects. Software developers generally focus on easy to fix issues such as code issues and vulnerabilities. This is a less effective approach to addressing technical debt.

Security & Compliance

Security & Compliance


Embold offers 100% coverage of all static checks in MISRA C:2012.
140/143 checks covered.

Multi-dimensional scan

Multi-dimensional scan


Our multi-dimensional scan detects design anti-patterns, vulnerabilities, code issues, code metric violations, and code duplication. This makes Embold an effective tool for total code quality management.

Our 18 usable code metrics are among the best in the industry and let you do a deeper assessment.

It’s easy

How Embold works

static code analysis tools

1. Connect your repositories to Embold


2. Embold automatically or manually scans your repositories, pull requests, and commits.


3. Scan results are available to explore on a web UI or through various plugins.

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We’ve got you covered

Embold for Enterprise

Embold is a critical component in the DevOps tool chain, that allows you to manage and monitor the quality of your software projects. We offer a customisable, self-hosted version of Embold for organisations of all sizes, so you can deliver high quality software, faster. 

Homegrown add-ons for your favourite tools

Free IDE Plugins

Fix code issues before making commits—simply download the plugin for your IDE below, and uncover bugs, security issues and code smells with fast scanners that get you quick feedback. 

Intellij logo

IntelliJ Idea

Our plugin for IntelliJ Idea will get you instant feedback as you write your code.

Android studio logo

Android Studio

Our plugin for Android Studio will get you quick feedback as you work. 

Visual studio logo

Visual Studio

Our plugin for Visual Studio supports C/C++ & C#, helping you streamline your project.

Visual studio code logo

Visual Studio Code Extension

Embold VSCode extension uncovers potential bugs, vulnerabilities and hard-to-detect anti-patterns that make your code difficult to maintain and can lead to error-prone solutions.

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