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The Embold static code analysis platform detects structural issues and security leaks in your code base early, so you can avoid technical debt and deliver high quality software up to 4x faster.

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These companies already have Embold built into their pipeline

Customer - Ricoh
Customer - Skyroot
Customer - Axiom space
Customer - Deutsch leasing
Customer - Bosch
Customer - Sanofi
Customer - Soka-Bau
Customer - Magna
Customer - Lisec
Customer - Bofrost
Customer - Digit
Customer - Wonik IPS

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Core features

Embold Features

Custom KPIs

Customise project KPIs and track crucial aspects of development, like maintainability, reusability, and functionality.

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Anti-Pattern Feature

Anti-Pattern Detection

The only tool on the market that can detect up to 30 types structural design issues in your code, that can otherwise compound and lead to error-prone solutions.

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Anti-Pattern Detection

The only tool on the market that can detect up to 30 types of structural design issues in your code, that can otherwise compound and lead to error-prone solutions.

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Anti-Pattern Detection
Repository Dashboard

Continuous Reporting

Embold simplifies project management with easy-to-read reports and dashboards, that show you the quality and progress of your projects at a glance. 

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CI/CD Integration

Seamlessly integrates into your CI/CD pipeline, including 3rd party plugin capabilities.

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Issue Suppression

Embold allows you to suppress specific false-positive issue occurrences.

Code Review Icon

Code Review

Embold automatically scans pull requests made on your GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab or Azure DevOps (merge requests) repositories.

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Smart Heatmap

Visually comprehend the size and quality of every component at a glance

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Task & Issue Management

Easily create and assign tasks directly from issues and connect with systems like Atlassian’s Jira

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Recommendation Engine 

Our AI-backed recommendation engine suggests probable solutions to code issues (beta).

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18+ languages supported

Fully MISRA compliant

Seamlessly integrate into your CI/CD pipeline

Data security assurance

Our Customer Stories

Testimonial - Bosch

We have started integrating Embold in our pilot projects. Impressive data analysis and easily configurable. The overall ratings shown at different aspects of code within one tool is really the need of the hour, which is now resolved with this collaboration.

Priyanka Pappala

Project Manager (RADAR based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) at Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions

Testimonial - Skyroot

Skyroot Aerospace is an Indian, national award-winning startup building one of the world’s most cost effective Space Launch Vehicles. As someone developing mission critical technology, the quality of the software we develop is of paramount importance to us. To ensure the stability and performance of our mission-critical applications, we have integrated Embold tool in our software development process.

Naga Bharath Daka

Co-founder, COO, Head-Avionics and GNC

Testimonial - Bosch

The best part about working with Embold is the agility and proactiveness they bring to the table.

Padmaja AR

Senior Vice President, Business Division Cross Domain Computing

Testimonial - Ricoh

No other tool was able to visualise structural problems. Embold's visualisation of software quality from a structural standpoint displayed over a time period, strengthens our ability to propose software improvements and better the quality of Ricoh products.

Takashi Mori

Senior Manager, IT Verification Department, Embedded Solutions Division, Ricoh IT Solutions

Embold helps you quickly find bugs in your code and even helps to refactor code to be more permanent. And it has TypeScript support!

Jesse Hall

CodeStackr / JavaScript, TypeScript

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Technical Debt Cover image

Technical Debt that You Don’t See: The Unknown Truth about Technical Debt in Software Engineering

In this whitepaper, we map technical debt to its primary causes. We measure how much technical debt is created from different types of code issues, in terms of man-hours needed to fix them.

Code Issue Book Cover

A code refactoring case study by Embold

The objective of this case study is to measure the effort required to refactor different kinds of issues in code such as design anti-patterns and code issues.

Case Study Cover Image

Design Refactoring with Embold Partitioning Tool –
A Case Study

Some metrics and design anti-patterns have a high correlation with bugs. This case study is evaluating the refactoring of components to address such issues with the Embold partitioning tool.

Financial Service Industry Cover image

The intelligent software analytics platform for the financial services industry


Detecting architectural and design issues, and the highest coverage of code metrics allows for well-designed code that is built to last. Learn how the financial services industry big-wigs are using Embold.

Automotive Indutry Case Study

The intelligent software analytics platform for the automotive industry

We are helping leading Tier-1 suppliers and manufacturing companies in a large variety of use cases and projects. This includes in-car software like car multimedia systems, camera or networking firmware, and corporate software, like logistics, Product Lifecycle Management and more.

  Rest easy. Your data is secure.

All data is securely stored in a secure data center, and all communication between your web browser and Embold is encrypted using an industry-standard SSL certificate.
Is ‘Road Vehicle Functional Safety’ important for you? Embold is tested and certified by TÜV SÜD for ISO 26262 and IEC 61508. Our checks, metrics and KPIs will help you streamline your automotive software development toolchain.