The latest release of Embold V2 ( is here! Now with language support for HTML, ability to configure exclusions, and new REACT and Angular framework checks for TS. 


With its component-level issue flagging, the Embold static code analysis tool tells you exactly where to start debugging. Learn best practices with detailed issue visualizations and uncover anti-patterns in your code. All this, integrated directly into your workflow.

Learn best practices

With its sizeable knowledge base and rich array of metrics, the Embold static code analysis platform not only identifies code issues, but also explains them with example code snippets.

Faster fixes

Embold identifies the most problematic components in your code and how they affect your code base, so you know exactly where and how to start your fixes.

Build better architecture

Embold detects up to 30 anti-patterns in your code, that can make it unmaintainable and lead to error-prone solutions.

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Integrate seamlessly with the tools you are already using.

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Embold for Enterprise

Embold is a critical component in the DevOps tool chain, that allows you to manage and monitor the quality of your software projects. We offer a customisable, self-hosted version of Embold for organisations of all sizes, so you can deliver high quality software, faster. 

Homegrown add-ons for your favourite tools

IDE Plugins

Fix code issues before making commits—simply download the plugin for your IDE below, and uncover bugs, security issues and code smells with fast scanners that get you quick feedback. 

IntelliJ Idea

Our plugin for IntelliJ Idea will get you instant feedback as you write your code.

Visual Studio

Our plugin for Visual Studio supports C/C++ & C#, helping you streamline your project.

Android Studio

Our plugin for Android Studio will get you quick feedback as you work. 

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