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Atlassian products such as Jira, Bitbucket, and Confluence have become the backbone of modern software engineering. These products hold invaluable information about the software projects they are used for.

Embold takes that data, enriches it using advanced algorithms and machine learning, and uses it to help teams achieve higher productivity and code quality. This is done via the apps that Embold has developed for Atlassian users.

Embold Atlassian
Embold Atlassian

Embold’s Recommendation Engine

Embold’s Recommendation Engine employs machine learning techniques on your Jira and Bitbucket data to learn from past mistakes and prevent similar issues in the future. 

The Recommendation Engine (RE) correlates defect patterns in code to issues in Jira and converts them to rules. RE notifies developers of any occurrences of violations of these rules.

Embold’s multi-dimensional scan also detects design anti-patterns, vulnerabilities, code issues, code metric violations, and of course code duplications!

Embold Connect

Embold Connect

Embold Connect app for Jira makes code quality transparent in the context of Jira issues. It also suggests which team member should fix an issue, using machine learning techniques on Jira issues and source code.

Embold connect will have two features on launch: Embold Summary and Embold Suggestions.

Embold Summary

Embold summary brings source code quality reporting right inside Jira!

There is a considerable disconnect between a team’s sprint process and the software quality monitoring process. This is because software analytics is always done at a file or repository level. Embold fixes this by bringing software analytics at a feature (ticket) level for the first time.

Embold ticket rating will allow Jira users to monitor quality at a ticket level and address critical issues during a sprint.

Code Quality
Embold Assignee Suggestion

Embold Suggestions

  • Assignee suggestion
    Assigning a ticket to the wrong person can result in significant inefficiency. Embold uses machine learning to suggest the most suitable assignee. This eliminates the potential inefficiency and always makes sure the right person is in charge.
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